We Make Custom Builds

Let us know what you are looking for in a high-end computer, we can help customize a setup for your budget and purpose. 


OUr Current Custom builds

"Blue Lives Matter" 

Motherboard: MSI Z390-A Pro

CPU: i5-9400 6 Core @ 2.90 GHz, Over clocks @ 4.01 GHz

Storage: 500 GB EVO m.2 NVMe SSD

RAM: 32 GB R-Force Vulcan

PSU: EVGA 650 B5, 80 Plus Bronze 650W, Fully Modular

GPU: Radeon XFX 580 XXX edition VR Ready

Tower: ThermalTake Arctic Blade

Setup Includes: 26" Vizio Monitor, Orzly Hornet Gaming Gear

(Mouse, Mouse Pad, Wired Headset, Keyboard), Windows 10 OS, Malwarebytes, AVG anti-virus software, Google Chrome and Firefox Browsers.


We support our law enforcement officers who place their lives on the line every second while in the field.

To showcase our appreciation, we built a powerful, high-end computer with incredible speeds, high graphics, and plenty of storage. It's complete with monitor, headset, mouse, keyboard and mouse pad.

It makes a personalized and unique gift for the officer in BLUE!

OUr past

Custom builds

Motherboard: MSI X570 Plus

CPU: 8 Core unlocked @ 16 Core, AMD Ryzen 7

3700X @ 3.60 GHz

Storage: 500 GB EVO m.2 NVMe SSD

RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengenace

PSU: EVGA Supernova 1300W G2 Fully Modular

w/ Corsair H115i Hydro Cooling System

GPU: Radeon XFX RX580 VR Ready

Tower: Lian Li LanCool White

"Lian Li"

If you are interesed in customizing a similar desktop,

please do not hesitate to call us and we will get you started.


Motherboard: ASUS Ultimate Force

CPU: Intel 8 Core i7 @ 3.09 GHz

Storage: 320 GB for OS,  1 TB for Storage

RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance

PSU: EVGA 650GQ Modular 650W

GPU: 3-D Capable NVIDIA GeForce GTX460,               NVIDIA GeForce GT620 

Tower: CM Storm case


ASUS DVD RW, Samsung Blu-Ray player, supports up to 3 monitors simultaneously.